Art Advisory and Appraisal

Fine Art Asset Management, a subsidiary of Emigrant Bank Fine Art Finance, offers comprehensive art advisory, appraisal, and art portfolio management services.  A dedicated and experienced team of appraisers and advisors helps clients acquire individual artworks, build collections over time, and strategically sell artwork.

The company provides professional valuations to determine adequate insurance coverage, settle an estate, make charitable gifts of artwork, and ensure equitable distribution of assets. current values for insurance schedules, when settling an estate with art assets, or when making charitable gifts of artwork.  These appraisals are critical tools for private collectors, heirs, institutions, attorneys and fiduciaries to understand the value of their assets.

Working with financial experts, the company also assists collectors, dealers, galleries, trusts, estates, foundations, and museums to provide short and long-term guidance on art-related financial strategies and goals.

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